How to Make Money on Video Games?

How to Make Money on Video Game

Everyone knows what an abundance of prizes in the form of large sums of money is played out during the competition. Such winnings are available to the smartest and strongest players who managed to reach a level with a rather unusual name - "cybersportsman".

Well, what if you just want to earn a little pocket money, as usual playing, and not moving from an "amateur" level to a "professional" one?

Game forums are flooded, perhaps with some embellished stories about cash rewards, but in fact, if you are smart and grasped on the fly, you can fuck much more than a few cents.

Even to think forget that this is some simple way of quick enrichment, otherwise it would be done by everyone who is not lazy.

But let's not focus on e-sports and consider other ways that can turn your gaming routine into a pretty good source of income.

The purchase and sale of virtual property will not surprise anyone, but in some Friv games you can earn by speculating in the so-called in-game auction house.

This method may have caused the failure of Diablo 3, a role-playing action where the character is selected from 5 classes (Sorcerer, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter) to defeat the lord of horror - Diablo.

Unfortunately, the developers of Blizzard announced the closure of auction houses of both real and in-game currency since March 2014, which means that you have about 4 months left to plunge into the process. Blizzard picks up $ 1 from each sale, as well as 15% when paying through PayPal, but some players have reported earnings of $ 10,000 or more, by selling and selling gold at auction.

User Reddit, under the nickname WishboneTheDog, attached screenshots of his PayPal or WebMoney Transfer account, as an obvious proof of earnings of $ 10,000.

Here is what he writes: "I have never bothered, cheated, used exploits, or any other method of deception." Before this game, I did not earn this way, because it was in violation of the rules, part of my entertainment - buying and selling items in the markets, and I did not see the point of cheating. "

In Blizzard reported that they removed the auction house, tk. he broke the balance in the gameplay Diablo.

For "gaming" or "pleating" large companies-developers hire people who are looking for problems and glitches during the game process.

This is hardly an ideal job, you should treat this scheme of earnings with caution.

Such articles as "The Harsh Life of the Beta Tester" emphasize that such work is not always fairly paid, and you will not have the opportunity to play those games that you like.

All video games testers sign a nondisclosure agreement, so take these factors into account before taking on the playtest.

One of the testers says, "Imagine your own movie, then take a favorite passage from it in 30 seconds." Now, watch this passage again and again, 12 hours a day, for two months, and when you finish, just try to tell me that you spent the whole day watching videos. "
Others complain: "They insistently tell you that a good job needs to be assessed according to the number of bugs found, and depending on this amount, they decide whether or not you are the right person."