For Honor - Game for the next year or two

For Honor

For Honor - a mediaeval action, which was loved by almost all users of the site, dedicated to the uncompromising war of the Vikings, knights and samurai. In the fictional world of the game, the three sides live on the same continent and only do that they are at war with each other. Why is this happening? Because so it is necessary. Do not ask stupid questions.

For Honor is aimed primarily at multiplayer. This is the main thing you need to know before buying. A faded storyline campaign is more likely a ten-hour stretch of training than a clear story about the war. You will be given a chance to play for different fighters, show the main locations, teach you to handle weapons more or less correctly, and help you to understand the mechanics of the battle. No more.

Therefore, I, like a true warrior, went to the most hell - in multiplayer. This was my first mistake. As his protege chose the samurai for greater authenticity, and the coat of arms made in the style of Ferrari - the prancing stallion on a yellow background. It turned out better than the original.