Fortnite Game Released on PC, PS4 and X-One


A fun online action movie game, in which you and your friends will build shelters and fight with hordes of monsters, is finally available to all owners of the NRM. For a few thousand rubles, you get a bunch of weapons, characters, emblems, accelerators and bettas with prey.

Fornite is a network game in the genre of survival with cartoon heroes and opponents. The whole gameplay, like in many flash games in the web, is focused on a day-to-day exploration of the game's world, collecting resources and building protective structures. After sunset you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your work, because you will come to your soul a huge horde of zombie monsters storming your fortifications.

Not a single shooter mechanics from the third person is rich in the game, it allows you to seriously deal with construction and build huge buildings. Once you cooperate with friends and collect a pile of loot, you can build the simplest designs - a wall, a ladder, a roof or a grid. But if you choose the Builder class for the game, then you will discover new engineering opportunities - the erection of advanced metal structures and even traps!

In addition to the Builder in charge of the construction site, there are Ninjas, Strangers and Commandos in the game. All heroes have unique abilities - someone better looks for rare resources, and someone better saves you from opponents. In the early access sets there are additional characters of these classes, mostly in the form of beautiful, lush girls. All characters are trained and can improve their skills.