How to install and how to enable Minecraft mod?

How to install and how to enable Minecraft mod
You can do a lot in Minecraft - this game practically does not limit you in possibilities. You can build, craft items, boil potions, enchant weapons and so on. Exploring the world, taming animals, fighting with mobs and much more - all this is available to you in Minecraft. But at the same time, creative fans do not stop looking for new ways to expand the gameplay, so constantly new modifications appear on the network that expand functionality, add new features and objects - and even new worlds. How to add something like this to the game? How to enable Minecraft mod? This is what you will learn from this article.

Download Mod

Naturally, if you want to learn how to include a Minecraft mod, you need to start by searching for the files you need. You need to download them to your computer, which is, in principle, very simple, if no protection is installed on the site. But most of the creators of mods create for the public, so the mods are distributed absolutely free and free. So look for the mod you need, download it and get ready to study the installation process, as well as how to include the mod in Minecraft.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is minecraft.jar. This archive will be key in your actions, as the modification is added there. The first thing you need to do is extract the contents, this is done using any archiver available to you. How to include the Minecraft mods 1.14.4 in this folder? Very simple - you need to copy all the files that you downloaded from the Internet, and move them to the newly extracted archive. If the system asks you about replacing duplicate files, confirm that this is necessary for the mods to work. When the copying process is complete, you will need to make sure minecraft.jar takes on the archive form again. To do this, use the archiver again. After that, you can start the game - mods are added to Minecraft exclusively by the software method, you don’t have to activate anything else in the game itself.

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Before you make any changes to the minecraft.jar file, you need to make sure that you have a backup copy of it left on your computer. This is a very standard practice, which is used everywhere not only in computer games, but also in all matters related to software. If something goes wrong during the installation of the mod, then manually returning everything the way it was, you will not succeed. Then you can completely delete the damaged version and restore the backup copy, which will return everything to its original state. Therefore, never forget about backups - it is the key to installing any unofficial mod, add-on or extension.


Mod Activation

It's time to figure out how to enable the mod. This question arises for many Minecraft gamers who patched their client, but did not receive any changes. As already mentioned, no additional activation is required - you only need to start the game and enjoy the process. If nothing has changed, then something went wrong. First of all, try to delete the META-INF folder, which often interferes with the normal activation of the mod. If this does not help, then you just need a backup. Try to remove the installed modification and, using the backup copy, install it again. Nothing succeeded? So something is wrong with the modification itself. You better try to download it from another site, preferably from the official page of the developer of this mod. Or contact technical support, if available.