PAW Partol Games for Kids

Paw Patrol Mission Paw

PAW Partol is a funny cartoon about a team of rescuer puppies and their commander Zik Ryder who are transferred to exciting games for children. Ryder is a ten-year-old boy, talented beyond his years, very smart and smart.

With technology and electronics, Ryder on you. Zek together with six friends - puppies create a rescue squad called PAW Partol. Each of the puppies has unique abilities and talents. Sky is a first-class pilot. She loves to fly by helicopter or on the wings that lie in her backpack. Strong is the kindest, although it looks menacing. English Bulldog knows everything about skateboards and snowboards.

There is not a single construction work that Krupysh could not have done. Rocky is a puppy who knows everything about technology. He always has millions of ideas and he does not part with a backpack with tools. Marshall is a brave firefighter. He is the most active puppy in the PAW Partol Mission PAW game, but a little clumsy. Zuma is a labrador who simply adores water. He likes to laugh and surf. The racer is a sheepdog, a born leader. He loves to be in charge and has an allergy to cats.

In this section at page, you can get acquainted with puppies closer. We collected a lot of games with your favorite characters. We have games for both experienced gamers and for the smallest admirers of a bold squad. Here, you will find games for every taste: logical, quests, puzzles, coloring.

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