What we think about the iPhone X

What we think about the iPhone X

Apple promises that an accidental person will be able to unlock your iPhone X with a probability of 1 to a million, but stipulates that the likelihood of errors for relatives and children is higher. We checked Face ID with two twins. Their parents are not sure that daughters are identical twins. Girls are very similar, but it's not so difficult to discern them. We scanned the smartphone face of one of the sisters and gave it to the second - the device was unlocked. The reverse experiment also gave a positive result.

And an American boy unblocked his mother's phone without problems. Very much like her. Perhaps, while the child does not grow up, it is better to use a digital password. And the experimenters were able to deceive Face ID with a mask for $150. In general, the protection is reliable, but there are nuances. Perhaps you will be reassured by the fact that if iPhone X壁紙 does not recognize its owner three times in looking at it, then it will require entering a password.

Face ID is fast, but you need to look at it

Face recognition works very quickly. Lift the smartphone, pointing the screen at you, slide your finger from the bottom edge upwards - and at this time the magic has time to start and end, the lock on the display opens right under your finger. But! As an additional protection against unauthorized access, Face ID requires you to look at the screen while unlocking. If you are kidnapped and want to dig into your iPhone X, just do not look into it. Do not make faces, just pay attention to the study of the ceiling. Okay, this is a little -real, fortunately, script. But life, this protection steals a little time, literally a fraction of a second. And it also makes you distracted from the road, if you are driving. Yes, you can not use the phone while driving, but everyone does it.