Terraria Online Game

2016/06/29 22:36
Who would have thought that the Terraria indie toy will be among the best-selling games in its genre. Now it is available for Android, so feel free to download it to your gadgets. In this game, every location is unique looks, from th..



2016/06/02 00:18
Games in the genre of "sandbox" today is not often encountered. But, if you find them and start to play them, you can not tear myself away. Terraria version - one of the few games, which also belongs to this genre and represente..


Crafting in Terraria

2016/06/02 00:02
Once you have created a world for your character, you have to perform the rest prisutpit heavier tasks, for example to create Crafting. Put your hero in his own little world created - this is only half of the case. It is there you need ..